Volunteers Needed during the Conference

Registration Help - 4-5 people needed to help the registrar during the 2-5 pm registration on Thursday afternoon, and perhaps with late arrivals.

Workshop Aides - Each workshop instructor will be assigned an aide to help him/her during the workshop with whatever needs to be done -- collecting materials fees, rearranging tables, finding tech help for projectors or laptops, making sure the instructor has markers and bottled water, etc, etc....A great job to get to know your instructor better!

Guild Exhibit Monitors - We'd like two volunteers to work one-hour shifts, monitoring the guild exhibits during the times these exhibits are open. These will be late afternoon or evening times -- that won't be during the fashion show or the open studios tour. Sign up with a guild mate -- or sign up individually, and meet someone new!

Meet and Greet Instructors -- on Thursday afternoon, helping them to find their classrooms, their dorm rooms, get their equipment connected, etc. Another chance to get to know the instructors!

Vendor Helpers -
Help vendors load or unload -- or watch their stalls for a few minutes while they take a break.

Information Desk
-- This is a job for someone who has been to several conferences and who can answer questions about what's happening, where it’s happening, how to get on the wifi, etc.

Or - If you're willing to do anything, just check the box labeled "wherever I'm needed."

You can sign up on your registration form, or volunteer or send questions via email to

Thanks for your help!
Karen Miller
MAFA 2015 Volunteer Coordinator

Pre-Conference Volunteers Have Been Busy

Surprise!!! MAFA Workshop Weekends don't just sprout up in a location and are, hopefully, successful. It takes many volunteers working both out in the open and behind the scenes. I would like to recognize the many persons who have come forth, so far, to make the MAFA 2015 Workshop Weekend a huge success. I especially call your attention to the variety of guilds that is represented in this list. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone. (s) MAFA Board

Advertising Research
   Barb Wainright, Weavers Guild of Rochester
Beth Wilson, Chair
   Linda Brown, Lynn Smith — All Blue Ridge Spinners & Weavers Guild
Goody Bags
   Morgantown Fiber Guild
Guild Exhibits
   Sandi Petty, Chair, Williamsburg Spinners & Weavers
Instructor Transportation
   Lancaster Spinners & Weavers Guild
Social Media
      Sally Orgren, Francis Irwin Handweavers, Cross Country Weavers
      Sara Knisely Bixler, Central Pennsylvania Guild of Handweavers
      Paula Bieber, Lancaster Spinners and Weavers
   Pinterest, Jeri Robinson-Lawrence, Millersville University
   Google & LinkedIn, Dave Banks, Williamsburg Spinners & Weavers
   Dave Banks, Williamsburg Spinners & Weavers
   Pat Capogrossi, Chair, Weaver's Guild of Greater Baltimore
Vendor Hall
   Donna Mentzer, Chair, Lancaster Spinners & Weavers Guild
   Sara Knisely Bixler, Co-chair, Central Pennsylvania Guild of Handweavers
Dave Banks, Williamsburg Spinners & Weavers Guild

MAFA Board
   President, Ellen Turner, Handweavers of Bucks County, South Jersey Guild of Spinners & Handweavers
   Recording Secretary, Karen Miller, Foothill Spinners and Weavers Guild, Blue Ridge Spinners and Weavers Guild
   Corresponding Secretary, Lori Wall, Morgantown Fiber Guild
   Treasurer, Dina Callow, Blue Ridge Spinners & Weavers Guild
   Past President, Mickie Schneider, Central Pennsylvania Guild of Handweavers, Hagerstown Weavers Roundtable

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